Georgia Veterans Education Career Transition Resource Center

The Georgia Vectr Center is the first of its kind. It is a resource and educational facility that is designed for veteran's re-entry into traditional employment. It focuses on accelerated programs that are in high demand and very strategic industries that complement the skills learned in the military service. 

It was my privilege to work with these veteran's and their team to complete the interior portion of the building. My focus was on the overall interior experience; the terrazzo flooring (with a center line that reads "integrity" in Morris code), the graphic design feature in the city-scape (highlighting each military department motto on a camo wall covering), video display screen, and the FF&E selections.  

2016-08-02 09.52.24.jpg
2016-08-02 09.57.22.jpg
2016-07-19 17.03.11.jpg

note: project was complete during employment at JMA Architecture